Teaching Method Description

Patrice Peris brings her high energy and enthusiasm to every lesson, and gives students the skills they need to reach their highest potentials. Through fun, interactive, and rewarding lessons, aspiring singers dive into the world of contemporary genres, including jazz, pop, rock, country, and R&B. Patrice strongly believes that the key to becoming a successful singer is being able to effectively communicate a song to an audience: “At the end of the day, all you need is enough technique to communicate the song.”

Students greatly benefit from Patrice’s vast experience in the music industry. For newcomers, the industry can seem like a mystery, but Patrice knows how to guide the artists she works with toward success. I have been fortunate enough find success in this industry, and I love helping others achieve that goal, as well, she says. Patrice is committed to bringing her students careers to the next level, so she often takes them to perform at open mic nights and other events in the community, hosts songwriting workshops, holds seminars with industry professionals, and assists with performance training to give her students the total package. They will leave Patrice Peris Voice Studios with not only singing skills, but also the knowledge and information necessary to have a career as a professional singer!

Patrice has dedicated herself to creating a program that can help any artist learn more about the art of singing. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a great introductory course or a serious vocalist pursuing a career in music, she can help you develop your personal style and deliver your best sound. Her positive, engaging approach to teaching is seven years in the making, and it has inspired students of all levels. Some of these students have gone on to win national titles in the Country Music Association and have landed private auditions for popular reality TV singing competitions.

Patrice is devoted to every student’s vocal improvement, but she makes sure that they enjoy their training, too. They are asked to stay involved in current music trends, because in the constantly changing music industry, there’s always something new to discover. In the comfort of her studio, Patrice skillfully guides her students toward their goals, focusing on proper techniques and working to build repertoires in their chosen styles. Students also know that there is no room for discouragement, insecurity, or harsh criticism in the studio. The message that her training sends is clear: you can learn how to sing correctly and create the sound you desire! Students benefit from a technique that is based on Patrice’s extensive research and exploration of different methods. “If aspiring singers want to transform their passion into long, sustainable careers, it is crucial for them to understand how to use their voices properly, she says. Lessons focus on the anatomy of singing, including how to breathe properly, improve range, transition between notes smoothly and without strain, and give emotional performances. This aspect of vocal training is often overlooked,and it is part of what makes Patrice’s coaching one of a kind.

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