Patrice Peris Voice Studios Artist Feature of the Month: Hayden!

Hayden has been an artist at the studio since the start and in her time here she has proven herself to be a jack of all trades. Whether performing Classic Disney hits, where her acting skills shine, or rocking out and letting the music take control, she has always had a knack for stealing the crowd’s attention. Hayden has performed at various venues such as Faneuil Hall, Northborough Holiday Trolley and tree lighting, The Spirit of Shrewsbury, and the Westborough Spring Festival to name a few.

When describing her love for being a performer Hayden says, “I’ve grown to love watching people’s facial expressions when I perform. Not only does it work as a silent and indirect survey, but you can learn a little about a person by their reaction to the song you’re performing.” She is inspired by the artists who are not all about being celebrities, looking up to singer/songwriters such as Utada and Madame Macabre. With her darker tones often expressed through her voice, it is no surprise that Hayden relates music as calling to her, similar to “the characters in horror movies who venture alone to the creepy noise in the basement.”

When discussing her experience at the studio Hayden say,“I always feel at ease when I’m learning a song, and I never fret on my mistakes because Patrice always finds a way to teach me in my own learning style. Not only do I leave every lesson learning more, but I even find myself learning, things such as social skills, while performing at gigs through the studio.”

Recently, Hayden has fulfilled a dream of hers and been cast as the lead role of Mulan in Clinton Middle School’s production of the musical “Mulan JR!”

“I have always wanted to sing the song Reflection because I am not what people see on the outside. Many people believe that just because you are in a specific category you need to stick with it and be happy. I feel Reflection summarizes that fear of not being able to be good enough in that category even though you have put so much effort into it” (Hayden). We are so happy to announce you can catch Hayden performing “Reflection” live as Mulan on March 11th and 13th at 7pm at Clinton Middle School.


For more on Hayden be sure to get the latests updates on her upcoming performances on social media!




Music Release, Songwriting Seminar and an Incredible Show Made for a Great Past Week for Patrice Peris Voice Studios!

Music Release, Songwriting Seminar and an Incredible Show Made for a Great Past Week for Patrice Peris Voice Studios! Studio Owner, Patrice Peris, released her cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise” to Soundcloud as a sneak peek to her upcoming music video!  Click the link below to take a listen!                                                                                                                     

Link to “Rise”


Songwriting Seminar!

Artists are raving about last week’s songwriting seminar hosted by, Patrice Peris Voice Studio owner, Patrice Peris, and Jared Hancock of Surefire Creative Studios. This two-part seminar took place on Wednesday and Thursday between Patrice Peris Voice Studios, in Westborough and Surefire Creative Studios, in Lowell.Artists left with a surge of energy inspiring them to improve their songwriting skills and see their music come to life in the studio.Stay tuned for some amazing hits coming your way from these incredible artists! Also, keep a look out for the next seminar. You won’t want to miss what these two powerhouses can show you about songwriting and recording!

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See what the artists had to say below:

“The songwriting seminar was so helpful! I learned so much about songwriting, format, inspiration, and the industry as a whole. I am finding that I am able to begin writing songs with a lot more ease and I am so thankful! Patrice and Jared are a songwriting mentor dream team!” -R.L.

“Thanks again for the seminar. It was amazing for me to begin to work with other artists and figure out what what is involved with writing songs. I have never written any songs before and am now extremely motivated to learn, not just singing, but also guitar so I can put words to music.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about lyrics since the seminar. I have even written lyrics for a new song. I feel like the seminar kick started something great by giving us the chance to taste the teamwork behind a writers circle and actually recording.” -T.Z.

“Let me start by saying that this seminar/class changed my whole perspective on songwriting. Nothing is set in stone !!!! Changing and revising lyrics and music is a huge part like anything else in production. Not only did I gain perspective on songwriting and lyric arrangements, but appreciated the fact it gave me a opportunity to build new connections with fellow artists. 100% worth every dollar ! BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN IN MY LIFE! Being a professional touring and producing musician is very possible! My only complaint was that it was so good that after two days I wanted more !!!! But the whole point was to give the artists tools not answers 😉 So two days will suffice.” -A.G.

“I found a vast amount of resources from this seminar. Learning about the structure of a song and learning methods used by professionals was incredible. Experiencing a professional studio and working with Patrice and Jared made a huge impact on me and my pursuit to become a professional artist. This Course allowed my songwriting ability to climb to a new height. I would highly recommend taking this course!” -A.D.

Patrice Peris Voice Studio Artists Performing at Faneuil Hall this past Saturday!

This Past Saturday, Patrice Peris Voice Studio Artists returned to Faneuil Hall, in Boston! Abby Rose, Taylor O’Connor, and Cate Toole entertained the crowd  in the heart of Quincy Market!

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What’s up next for Patrice Peris Voice Studios?

Save the date because Patrice Peris Voice Studios is joining forces with former Motown Recording artist April Forrest for another incredible Performance Workshops! Learn the fundamentals of a great performance and find out what makes your onstage presence unique from everyone else.

Date: March 25th & 26th

Time: Saturday 4-7PM and Sunday 12-3PM

New Blog! The “Reality” of the Reality Shows

The “Reality” of the Reality Shows

Being a vocal teacher and artist development coach, I can’t help but think of the wave of reality television shows that lure in artists who want to become the next music icon. Now don’t get me wrong- it can be a ticket to stardom- but what many seem to overlook is the vigorous process artists go through to get a chance in the spotlight.

There tends to be this idea that you show up to an open audition, show off your talent in front of the judges, tell your life story, and get swept away to Hollywood. But this truth is far from reality. So what do artists go through before walking on stage for an episode of The Voice or American Idol?

The people you see televised on reality TV have traveled a long road, jumped through several hoops, and dealt with several key players who promoted their efforts. Casting agents are hired to find those who have the full package; vocals, stage presence,looks, a certain genre, and of course a story to touch the hearts of the American audience. All this coupled with timing and that one bit of uniqueness to set you apart from the other millions of talented people, can land you a spot on the show. In essence, these casting directors are looking for  “characters” for their show.  So the “reality” behind reality shows is that you are auditioning for a role much like actors on Gray’s Anatomy or Blue Streak; only you are playing yourself and there is no manuscript.

Do I support reality tv shows? Yes, but I make it a goal to educate my students of the reality behind it so they are not sideswiped by the elusive ease of going from coffee shop gigs to hollywood venues. The performers who have been given that ticket are not new artist fresh to the music scene. They are artist who have put an enormous amount of time into crafting their skills- vocals, performance, and style- precisely to perfectly position themselves so Christina Aguilera turns her chair around. The truth is, there is no ticket to the fastlane. Becoming a music sensation takes persistence, determination, visualization, hard work, rejection, victory, and the ability to add whatever ingredient the industry is looking for along the way.

Reality TV is both a strength and a challenge to our field.Seeing the artist develop and grow on screen can give hope that with hard work, a great coach, and resilience our dreams can become a reality. A sustainable music career is not just that moment we watch on television. Tears, sweat,rejection, and hard work lead up to that moment; all of which are essential to becoming the artist you want to be. But don’t let that hinder your efforts or shatter your dreams. Just let it prepare you for your journey. Keep in mind this is just one avenue. I have watched and worked with many artist who have amazing careers without any television exposure. Don’t not let what they say define you as an artist, but rather let it motivate you to improve your skill. Remember, art is subjective, a “no for this time”does not mean you don’t have the goods.

The beautiful thing about music is, like any form of art, it’s subject to peoples’ taste and preferences. Reality TV has a preference. The question is are you willing to give what it takes for a moment on their stage?

Upcoming Events

  • On Saturday February 7th Patrice Peris Voice Studios will be at the NU Caf’pen Mic in Worcester, Ma. Event starts at 6:30pm. Come check out some great local talent.
  • On January 28th and February 7th Patrice Peris Voice Studios presents a two-part Songwriting workshop. This will take place first at Patrice Peris Voice Studios in Westborough, Ma and then at Surefire Creative Studios in
    Lowell, Massachusetts, a few weeks later. It will be run by songwriter and producer Jared Hancock, and you can check out his impressive r’m’along with a breakdown of the workshop with dates and times, below. The cost of
    the workshop is $175, and this does not include transportation to the Lowell studio. The sign-up period ends January 19, but if possible, please sign up before the 19th to ensure a spot. If you have any questions, do not
    hesitate to contact Patrice at 774-275-0564.

Breakdown of Songwriting Workshop:

The first part of the workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 28, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will include the fundamentals of songwriting. It will cover finding inspiration, developing concepts, and creating strategies for writing. The importance of a message will be discussed and, if you already have lyrics, they will be reviewed and you will get useful feedback. You will also be given homework to complete and bring to the next part of the workshop.

The second part will be at Surefire Creative Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, February 11, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. It will address finishing up ideas and creating melodies. You will be able to experience what it’s like to take a song into the studio and give the lyrics life.

About Jared:

Jared Hancock branded and developed Surefire Creative Studios (formerly Surefire Music Group), which is a nationally recognized creative media production, brand development, consulting, and entertainment asset management company based out of Boston.

Production Portfolio: Music: Ne-Yo, Rick Ross, Jordan Knight, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Nina Sky, Bebe Rexha, Maino, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Twista, Trin-i-tee 5:7, Brooke Hogan, Bobby Valentino, Missy Elliot, and more. Television/Film: Under Armour (9 commercials), Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal cartoon theme song, Nickelodeon’s Halo Awards, MTV’s The Real World and Exiled, VH1’s Brooke Knows Best, Next Day Air (film), Goodnight (film), and more.

Mobile Applications/Technology: B&H Photo, Chimani, Leaf, Tiny Tycoons, Timbre, Rockstar Games, and more.

Surefire’s work has received nominations at the Grammy Awards, Soul Train Awards, BET Awards, Dove Awards, Boston Music Awards, Roxbury International Film Festival, European Classical Crossover Awards, and various magazine award shows.

Jared is continually scouting and developing new production talent while seeking to inspire young entertainment entrepreneurs through workshops given at various specialized and academic institutions, including Harvard University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Berklee College of Music, among others. He has been involved with the Boston Committee for the Grammys, and has hosted educational panels for Boston entertainment industry professionals. Furthermore, he actively designs and executes member recruitment strategies for the recording academy, and he introduced and hosted Boston’s first iStandard showcase, which is the largest music producer showcase in the nation.

What Drives Me

Like many musicians, what drives me is my fiery passion for singing and creating music. Looking back, I find that when I wasn’t performing or creating music, I was pretty down. I wasn’t myself, and I wasn’t as happy as I knew I could be. It follows, then, that I need to keep creating music in order to be the best version of myself. This realization helps me understand where the other artists I work with are coming from.

Essentially, I think we’re all cut from the same cloth. Though we may have vastly different styles, it is our burning desire to create music that keeps us going and gives purpose to the mundane days. All of us are part of the same community, despite our differences and disagreements, and I do everything I can to keep my fellow artists doing what they love. I know that when we aren’t making music, we lose a piece of ourselves, and if possible, I want everyone to remain intact. There is, however, one big problem I keep running into. I continue to hear from artist after artist that someone has told them that singing isn’t a realistic career choice or isn’t doable. As someone who has made it work and has helped a lot of aspiring singers make it work, I know that it is possible to have a successful career as a musician. And honestly, I would like to talk with the people who say this and ask them to never listen to another song on their radio, iPod, computer, etc. You see, all of us, even those who don’t make music, use music as an outlet or escape. We use it when we’re going through a breakup and need to rock out to Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift to carry ourselves through, or when we’re having an awesome day and want to listen to Katy Perry or Ellie Goulding to celebrate and get pumped up. If we continue to discourage those who want to create, then we may be missing out on that next hit song that will carry us through life’s precious moments.

This idea, this hope that my next favorite artist is somewhere out there, making her way to the open mic night that’ll get her discovered, is constantly inspiring me and driving me, as well. It’s important for me to be the one who says to forget about those people whose favorite word is ‘can’t’ and listen to your heart. Sure, not everyone will win a Grammy or sell out Gillette Stadium, but there are plenty of people I know who use their voices and other musical skills to pay the bills. We as a society have this idea that you’re either famous or you’re nothing, and that’s just not true. I see musicians in bands performing for corporate events and weddings. I see little-known artists touring around the country, doing what they love and not living out of their cars (that’s right, that stereotype isn’t necessarily true). My point is this: whether or not you end up being a world-renowned rock star, you can still find your own success and happiness by doing what you love. Forget about the haters, make the best of each opportunity, and don’t let the words of others stop you. Maybe you’re the one who will be discovered at open mic tonight.

Higlights of 2014

As we start the new year, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support, highlight all the great things that have been accomplished in the last four months, and announce some exciting things that are coming up!

On August 1 , Patrice Peris Voice Studios opened its doors, and in the past four months, things have been absolutely amazing! The response we’ve received from the singers in the area as well as the community has been incredible. I am thrilled that, in these four months, I have been able to achieve so much, and I have had the opportunity to watch many amazing things happen for the singers who I am fortunate enough to work with.

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