Patrice Peris Voice Studio

Learn to Sing Like the Pro’s!

Specializing in teaching Pop/Rock/R&B/Jazz/Country, Musical Theater, Blues and more and can help you reach your goals whether your a beginner or a seasoned Professional! 

  • Learn what all the Pro’s have in Common and Master it Yourself!
  • Improve Range
  • Master the Art of Breathing
  • Hit those high Notes Effortlessly
  • Gain Vocal Control
  • Conquer Stage Fright
  • Feel Confident About YOUR Voice

Call 774-275-0564 Today to set up a FREE Voice Consultation!

Artist Development Training!

Looking to take your career to the next level?  Even wonder how the stars get to the top?

Let us help you learn what it takes to have a long sustaining career. Using a specific goal chart we can help you:

  • Create an Image that Expresses You as an Artist
  • Learn How to Perform Like the Stars
  • Effectively Use Social Media to Build a Fan Base
  • Book Shows
  •  And Much More!

Call 774-275-0564 Today to set up a FREE Artist Development Consultation!

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